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-Candles & hookah-
Slowly perfecting my new home’s aesthetics.  
#hookah #candle #serene #decor #goodnight #home

-Candles & hookah-
Slowly perfecting my new home’s aesthetics.
#hookah #candle #serene #decor #goodnight #home

datticusprime asked: Ola! Which cons have you gone to, what was the best and the worst?

Oh lord. This is a long list. I’d rather summarize with a list of most recent (since a couple I went to when I didn’t know how to pick and choose my cons):
Kawa Kon
Anime STL
Wizard World
Awesome Con
New York Comic Con
Project Comic Con

My favorites have been Kawa Kon and NYCC for sure. I don’t know that I have a “worst” con, but my least satisfactory experience was at Project Comic Con. The after party was great, the con was a snooze. 
Wizard World is also fairly disappointing, but thats just due to the outrageous pricing and how they don’t seem to want to cater to fans (which is kind of the point, ya know?)

carminethebowler asked: What's your opinion on digital vs. print comics?

I always will take print over digital. I like to actually feels what I’m reading in my hands.

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